TimeforTango_Festival2019_Angelo_Buso_AngelitoANGELO BUSO, alias “ANGELITO”, born in Venice in 1960, he has always been passionate about music, played the orchestra as a pianist with various groups until 2001. In 2006 enters the world of Tango, first as a dancer, then as a DJ; he is founder and resident DJ of the Cultural Association “Tango Tres Porteños” of Cavallino Treporti (Venezia). The nickname “Angelito” was given by the famous writer and Argentine Tango teacher Lidia Ferrari, on the occasion of various collaborations. The experience developed through years of  events, has taught him that every evening is different from previous ones, to be built by looking the ballroom and the dancers, composing the tanda so that each can create the right energy … no tanda should be passing but each tanda is a small brick in the overall emotion of the Milonga, to be created with the Tango Classic and also with the music of contemporary orchestras.