TimeforTango_Festival2019_Juan_Carlos_Martinez_Nora_WitanowskyJUAN CARLOS MARTINEZ and NORA WITANOWSKY, they come from different artistic formations: Nora, worked for 10 years in the contemporary dance company “Vivomina Dance” directed by Cristina Gomez Comini, and she continues to teach classic ballet, jazz, contemporary and Tango at the National University of Cordoba. Juan Carlos Martínez, Folklore Argentino dancer and Latin American, he integrates professionally Grand Ballet Argentino “Cordoba” and the Ballet Nacional de Buenos Aires. They begin dancing together in 2003 and since then, work with theater companies in the world most famous Tango (Pasiones, Forever Tango, Compañia Tanguera). In 2005, they create their own training, the company Argentina TANGO ART, staging their shows and based in Cordoba (Argentina), the First Festival of Tango Dance; in 2006 they realized a U.S. Tour with the company “Forever Tango”. Several times finalists in the championship “Mundial de Tango de Bs As”, both in the Salon category, which in Escenario, they break into Tango for their personal research based on observation of the basic elements (the embrace, walking, the equilibrium and dissociation) aimed at developing forms that highlight the roles determined by the codes of Tango: the man as creator and generator of space and movement, woman as receptive instrument, which gives harmony and elegance to the male fantasy.