The Lessons of TimeforTango Festival 2019

(it will be published toward the end of August)

Thursday 31 October : 15 lessons in 5 rooms
Friday 01 November : 23 lessons in 4/5 rooms + 3 lessons only Female Tecnique
Saturday 02 November : 23 lessons in 4/5 rooms + 3 lessons only Female Tecnique
Sunday 03 November : 8 lessons in 4 rooms + 2 lessons only Female Tecnique

Lessons are structured for Intermediate and Advanced levels; everyone can freely consider the lessons which it believes best suited to participate based on their knowledge of the Tango; so it’s not necessary to book in advance what are the lessons you want to participate, … for us, relax is also to be free to decide at the last minute which Master follow!
The lessons of 60 minutes each, are held simultaneously in more rooms at the Baths Secular, an internal structure to the spa area, just a few steps from the Hotels. Teachers not only speak Italian, but also English, Spanish and German. The desire of TimeforTango and Masters is to create a study program that allows everyone to enhance knowledge to create your own personal Tango. Efforts will be made to respect the timetable of the program, thanks to your cooperation. For a good performance and learning, we invite you to share the following rules during lessons:

The lessons will be conducted depending on the teacher, in Italian, Spanish or English. Those enrolled with Festival Packages can ask the organization to have private lessons with teachers, should there be availability.

For a good learning, you are expected to attend the lessons of the Festival only in pairs. If you are temporarily without a partner, you can send us a message containing a presentation of you with all the data you believe useful and how to contact you. Sending voluntary your data, it will be interpreted as authorization to publish, in accordance with the Privacy Policy/Regolamento UE 2016/679, these information into the “Bulletin Board of the Festival”, allowing directly those interested to contact you … of course, we will do everything is possible to find a partner!

For this 10th edition, there are Female Technique lessons dedicated to tangueras who have not been able to find a partner for this Festival but they are pleased to join our group and study as well as relax!

It is not provided the “taxi” dancer service.