TimeforTango_Festival2019_Martin_Vicente_Ayelen_UrrutiaMARTIN VICENTE, dancer and choreographer, began his career in Tango and Folklore at 8 years old. Winner of several dance competitions, creator of shows in countries  as Argentina, Chile, Peru and Cuba and teacher in Festival and stages in France, Norway, Austria, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Lithuania, Italy, Croatia, Cuba, Bolivia, Uruguay and Ecuador.
AYELEN URRUTIA, began her professional ballet career at 10 years old; she danced for the Ballet Concierto created by Inaki Urlezaga; in 2010 she enters as Tango dancer in Caffè Tortoni (Buenos Aires) and in 2013 she becomes the figure of Tango in the Company Mambo Entertainment Group in Macao – China.
Martin and Ayelen show a elegant, quiet and musical Tango, admiring the historic milonga dancers of the 1950;  their choice is clear: rework steps and teachings of the great milongueros of the time: Portalea, Finito, Cacho Mantegaza, Los Filipini, Pajarito y Kela, Carlos Moyano y Nati, el Gitano Victor… they have put togheter a valuable hystorical message with the freshness and curiosity of their age. They are dancers and teachers  very generous, passionate and tireless.