“If we think about the different eras of the history of tango, the main ones being the “Guardia Vieja”, The Golden Age, the “Guardia Nueva, the” Vanguardia “and so on … Every era has its most significant orchestras and some have crossed all the musical evolution by adapting to current fashion while maintaining their main rhythmic characteristic, color, arrangement etc .. Among these orchestras which have gone through the history of tango in its entirety, I report Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Canaro, Troilo ….. which produced record material almost from the late ’30s up to the 60s (by Gibo)”.
Who better than a dj with years and years of experience can guide us in the listening and learning the various orchestras and their styles? From Reggio Emilia, GIANNI GIBERTI alias “GIBO” is one of the most appreciated and popular Tj in Italy and abroad, he fills the Milongas with his musical selections, famous because they try to respect the Argentine tradition never miss the demands of the tangueros and never forget that the real stars of the evening are all those who dance. Since more than ten years, he’s also a teacher and together with his partner Emanuela lead the Argentine Tango into Dance Permanent Center Let’s Dance in Reggio Emilia, and stronger for his musical experience, he teaches his students to allow them to be able to move in harmony with what the music expresses. Together with Emanuela, they have participated as teachers in various Festival, as dancers and actors in some theater shows including the musical Evita with the company “To open stage”, and the show ‘Textures of Tango’ with the company of Barrio deTango and were guests in some television.